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google panda and penguin updatesAs a result of the recent attacks from Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, some search engine optimization professionals and freelance marketers have been working tirelessly to assess the major or minor damage caused by Google’s algorithm changes, and are cleverly using the mountain of search data they have collected and studied, to refine or develop marketing strategies that could exploit Google’s recent updates; to benefit their own existing Internet marketing campaigns or freelance projects. In fact, when we reflect upon Google’s recent updates to it’s own search algorithm (both Panda and Penguin), the search giant may have left behind some valuable clues for SERP success, and exposed it’s own sweet spot to businesses, firms and freelance marketers; who are forever seeking tips and advice on how to appease the Industry’s search leader.

Some industry professionals say that over a period of time, Google has been very subtle in the manner in which it has revealed it’s very strong affinity and taste, for the Web’s most current and relevant content. Google hungers for the information in websites and webpages, that it’s consumer audience widely identifies as remarkable or noteworthy, and have demonstrated this through a willingness to share with their own circles; of friends, fans and followers. In adhering to this strict practice, Google appears to favor no professional writing status and makes no distinction, between an article authored by a freelance writer or freelance author; and one that is published by a widely acclaimed industry expert. Instead, Google formulates an impartial decision, based on established data it has collected, as well as; it’s own best practices and principles. Ingredients for this elusive recipe for success, among other things, have been said to include consistent quality content, website traffic and social signals; as established indicators of an author’s relevancy, credibility and character.

As with many great recipes, the ingredients are not just seen as freelance contributions. Instead, they are teammates working in delicate harmony, toward a satisfying and rewarding goal. In this instance, website marketers must consistently generate desirable website and social content, that encourages continuous website traffic and inspires visitors to repeatedly tweet, like, digg, stumble, pin and share their positive experience; with friends, fans and followers. Be forewarned that this approach is time consuming, and requires that both Internet marketing firms and freelance writers, develop a meaningful relationship with their audience; and maintain the correct balance of resourceful content and self promotion. As you can imagine, this requires an enormous amount of motivation, drive and focus and can be an exhaustive process, for small or big businesses and freelancer writers; alike.

Much like many traditional news publications, Internet marketing firms will commission or casually hire a freelance writer or professional copywriter, to help them continuously generate and contribute inspiring Web content; for their information starved Internet audience. In most cases, this affords marketing specialists the opportunity to benefit from the experience of freelance writers, and confidently rely upon them to supply relevant content; for long-term campaigns and/or short-term promotions. In doing so, this approach frees up time for marketers to correctly identify and communicate with their cynical search and social media audience, and effectively deliver a more focused brand building message; that will be far better received by Internet consumers and finicky search engines. These factors become increasingly important, when marketing professionals must account for social signals, which appear to becoming more important to Google; as well as, the increasingly influential Microsoft Bing search engine.

google plusSimply by virtue of the fact that Google has introduced Google+ and promoted it so heavily, gives plenty of reason to be suspect of the search engine’s motives. Especially when we stop to consider, that we have positively identified social signals as an increasingly important ingredient in Google’s recipe for search, and that Microsoft (Bing) has become increasingly friendly with the world’s largest social community; the Facebook giant. The monitoring of social signals are a significant introduction, because they help the search engine establish an author’s authority, credibility and relevancy; across a range of environments. So, regardless of whether the author is a freelance writer or established and recognized expert, Google relies upon it’s algorithm; to return favorable and unbiased search results. Therefore, it is incredibly important for Internet marketers to generate meaningful and remarkable content, often with the help of freelance writers, and then promote it to the awaiting consumer audience; in such a way that it inspires them to share it with their friends, fans and followers.

When a webpage establishes a link with another website, Google and the other major search engines, regard this as the inauguration of a relationship. And as such, Google expects that this interaction will fundamentally resemble a real life referral or endorsement; from a well-respected peer or associate. This obligation highlights the need for freelance writers and Internet marketing firms, to build and maintain an attentive and supportive Internet audience, that contributes to the conversation and shares the author’s message; with their own Internet congregation. Some have compared it to traditional word of mouth, and others have even referred to it as, word of mouse. Therefore, it has become increasingly important for us to build our links, like we build our relationships; and I don’t mean the ones on Facebook.

For those search engine and Internet marketing firms, that are still focusing their efforts on out-dated and archaic search engine marketing strategies, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have been a real wake-up call; and for some, a loss of their livelihood. Link building has been replaced with relationship building, and link quantity has been replaced; with link quality. This approach appears to more closely mimic real life relationships. Outside of the Web’s social communities, people live meaningful lives that are enriched by the people around them. Whether it be co-workers, school-mates, poker buddies or pen pals, the relationships that we establish in the real world, are hardly comparable to those established on the Internet; in forums and social communities. Let’s be realistic for a moment. Who do you know that has 700 friends, in real life?

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