5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics

The purpose of an infographic is to educate the audience using eye-catching and descriptive visual content. Even if you’re targeting a specific consumer audience, a broader and wider audience may view your infographic. For this reason, make every effort to ensure your infographic is descriptive, as well as easy to understand.

Show Your Information 300x214 5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics1. Show Your Information: An infographic should not have long paragraphs of text to convey the message. Make use of pictures, graphics, and other images to present the data in a visually stimulating way, that is easy to understand, appreciate and enjoy. It goes without saying that the information presented throughout your infographic should be well researched and obtained from credible sources.

Tell a Story 300x214 5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics2. Tell a Story: As another form of content, infographics are used to visually tell a story that is of interest and benefit to the target audience. Instead of relying heavily upon typography to make a point, make effective use of images to represent a big portion of the information. The goal is to fully represent the information through visual elements that people will understand and appreciate.

Be Original 214x300 5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics3. Include Original Graphics [Whenever Possible]: Using everyday clip art will not impress your audience. Introducing originally designed and created graphics will separate your infographic from the others, and work well to increase your credibility. If you cannot make your own graphics, it is recommended that you hire a freelance graphics artist who can create original works of art, at a price you can afford.

Good Combination of Color 214x300 5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics4. Use an Appealing Combination of Color: Infographics are all about visually stimulating your audience. If this is challenging for you, the 3-color palette rule is a safe bet. This approach simply means choosing one light background color, and select two more colors to make distinctions, based on your infographic’s topics or sections.

Think outside of the box 214x300 5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics5. Think Outside the Box: Ordinary is boring. You cannot expect that boring content will capture the interest and attention of your targeted audience. A creative and effective infographic goes beyond just including charts and graphs. If you really want to make a big impact on consumers, you must be innovative and creative when designing your infographic.

Once you have been granted the opportunity to present your “story,” the effort you have invested in your infographic will be reflected in the audience’s engagement. Sadly, many marketers make the mistake of simply creating an infographic and expecting it to engage consumers on its own. As with any content marketing material generated by your business or brand, it is extremely important to use well-established social media profiles, blogs, and other digital marketing resources, to [consistently and] effectively deliver your infographic; to the online audience.

Infographic: 5 Must Do’s When Creating Infographics.

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Social Media Success: Consistent, Relevant and Remarkable

Although more and more businesses are fully embracing social media, many are still uncertain about how to contribute and participate in the major social networks.

what is the key to social media marketing success Social Media Success: Consistent, Relevant and Remarkable

In order to be successful over the long-term, businesses must demonstrate that they can be consistent, relevant and remarkable. Including these 3 very important ingredients in a marketing recipe, will improve the engagement and social media performance of struggling businesses and brands.

be consistent with social media Social Media Success: Consistent, Relevant and Remarkable

To be consistent in your online marketing, it will take significant effort to generate the kind of content your audience craves. Just as it takes a strong commitment to be a good friend or partner IRL, you can expect that building and maintaining meaningful relationships with your Internet audience will take ongoing dedication, perseverance and a daily responsibility.

How can you become more consistent?

  • Routine. Identify habitual rituals that will calm, center and fulfill you.
  • Organization. Being organized enables you to concentrate on important tasks.
  • Meaningful Friendships. Seek-out people you can trust and will view you in the same manner.
  • Flexibility. Accept the fact that change is inevitable and embrace it.

be relevant with social media Social Media Success: Consistent, Relevant and Remarkable

In order to appeal to your audience you must be relevant. This means delivering suitable information that is consistent with their established values interests and/or needs. The posts, images, videos and other branded content that is presented to them must address one or more of their daily struggles or successes. Focus your communications on conveying a well-thought-out message that your target audience can closely relate to, and given its relevancy, will deeply appreciate.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines relevance as “the state of being closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand.”

How can you become more relevant?

  • Be Authentic. Appear to others as you are, without pretense or phoniness.
  • Achieve Mastery. Useful skills makes you valuable to others. This is achieved by continuously improving your knowledge, talents and abilities.
  • Be Empathetic. Recognize and share feelings experienced by others without judgement, and demonstrate a genuine desire to help.
  • Take Action. There are 4 elements to this: impetus, vector, acceleration and velocity. Impetus determines whether the action is important. Vector is the direction your action takes you: either toward goals or away from them. Acceleration reflects your level of commitment. Velocity is the energy that moves you forward.

be remarkable with social media Social Media Success: Consistent, Relevant and Remarkable

The truth be told, every one of your competitors has a marketing message to communicate. In order for your message to be noticeable, you must determine and capitalize on what is truly remarkable about your business, product and/or service. Making the effort to highlight the notable qualities of your business/brand, will clearly demonstrate what is strikingly appealing about you, and will significantly differentiate your message from that of your competition. Give your audience a good reason to talk about you.

How can you become more remarkable?

  • Be at or beyond “the edge” of your industry.
  • Do not try to please everyone. The goal is to please those that actually speak up and spread the word.
  • Be the first do something and do it the best. Make certain that it is something that people care about.
  • Reinvent and reinvest in yourself. Constantly be motivated by improving what you have to offer.
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