Google+ Communities Present Super Bowl Size Opportunities

For businesses and brands, communicating their information to a consumer audience that is attentive and receptive, increases the likelihood that the message will be properly received, easily understood and appropriately acted upon. With that being said, the challenge for businesses is to positively identify these individuals and then procure an opportunity to directly address them with a captivating message. Traditionally, this has proven to be very costly and/or time consuming, especially for … [Read more...]

New G+ Post Ad Format Proves It Can Really Improve Engagement

Google's +Post ads are a new ad format that can be utilized to captivate the audience and increase engagement across multiple online platforms. Where do +Post ads come from, and where do they display? +Post ads are pieces of content that originate from a brand's Google+ post, and can include a video or images.  With this new approach to Google ads, advertisers can turn one of their business' most engaging G+ posts into an interactive ad, and showcase it within Google's display network of … [Read more...]

5 Things You MUST DO When Creating Infographics

The purpose of an infographic is to educate the audience using eye-catching and descriptive visual content. Even if you're targeting a specific consumer audience, a broader and wider audience may view your infographic. For this reason, make every effort to ensure your infographic is descriptive, as well as easy to understand. 1. Show Your Information: An infographic should not have long paragraphs of text to convey the message. Make use of pictures, graphics, and other images to present the … [Read more...]